No Need to Fasten Your Seatbelts, but if We had an On-flight Intercom, This is the Buzz You'd Hear About FBNP:


(Audience member regarding the live staged reading of the original play by Danny Fairchild and Mike Link held at Eronel in Dubuque, Iowa October 8, 2014) Being a part of the creative process for a new work [CONSTELLATION] was really interesting, insightful, and fun. One doesn't often think what it takes to mount an original play. There's a whole lot to it. I look forward to seeing the actual staged version.

- Irene N.


As "well-traveled" Fly-By-Night Productions' patrons, we're always amazed how each "flight" lands. The Butcher of Baraboo indeed reminded me of Fargo (but without the annoying accents, as your promotional literature promised).

My husband and I found ourselves laughing out loud on several occasions and forgetting about the day, which is always a sign of a fun journey. Can't wait to travel with you again!
- Geri G.


My husband and I attend at least one performance per year at Fly by Night, and have for nearly 20 years. It has become the only theatre close to us that does serious drama, as song/dance and comedy have seemed to dominate in past decade. So we appreciate having FBNP. Keep up the good work.

- Bonnie G.


(Cast member to Artist Director Lenore Howard) This play is such fun, and truly a thought-filled time for me. It's just the experience I hope to have when I get involved in theater. And you're central to that.
- Art R.