Audition Tips

FBNP Audition Tips


  1. Sign up for our mailing and/or email lists at a performance, or email us directly here: Be sure to specify you want to be included on our audition notification list. (Unless otherwise indicated, you will be automatically added to our email list only.)
  2. Check our website for upcoming plays and audition dates. If you’re interested in a particular play, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at or 563-582-6572.
  3. Perusal scripts are generally available 2 weeks before audition dates; while not mandatory to read the script ahead of time, actors often do want to have a good idea of the play for which they are auditioning. You can also check out the internet for more information about a certain play.
  4. For auditions, FBNP utilizes readings from the play unless otherwise instructed in audition notices. We have found monologues from unrelated plays are not necessarily helpful in showing us what we need in the play for which auditions are being held.
  5.  If unable to attend our audition dates, you may contact the director to see about arranging another time.

At Auditions

  1. All actors, experienced or not, are welcome at auditions. Note: Our plays are mainly adult and not always suited to adolescent actors unless otherwise noted.
  2. We don’t expect perfection at auditions; that’s what rehearsals are for! Our audition process aims to be a friendly, safe, and non-intimidating, so relax and have fun. Throw it all to the wind and go for it! Whether or not you get a role, there’s that networking thing that might bring opportunity in the future.
  3. During auditions, if there is a role that you particularly want to read, please let the director know. Even if you indicated that on your audition sheet, there’s a chance the director may miss your request. By all means, speak up!
  4. If you have questions, about a role, the play, or the rehearsal schedule, etc, don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out an audition sheet with the following information: contact; costume sizes; if applicable, specific roles you will or will not accept; any other areas of production you might be interested in; known rehearsal conflict dates-day/night/weekday-night or weekend. This is information you could bring with you and attach to the sheet. Also, it is not mandatory, but if you want to include a theatre resume (head shot) of past experience, you may.
  6. Before auditioning: Double-check the performance dates to be sure you will be available!

Above all else, enjoy the audition process!