FBNP History

From the Cockpit . . .

FBNP History

Co-founded in 1982 by Doug Donald and Lenore Howard as Fly-By-Night Theatrics, FBNP was established to foster diverse theatrical opportunities for artists and audiences alike. For many years, housed in no single location, FBNP performed in spaces that enhanced the plays’ settings and themes.
For example:
1) The cell area of The Old Jail for the old west of Jessie and the Bandit Queen
2) The dungeon of that same jail for the post-nuclear destruction of Endgame
3) The north courtroom of The Dubuque County courthouse for the court drama of In the Matter of Ralph, A Black Man

In 1990 Fly-By-Night Theatrics joined forces with another local group, KH&H Productions and thus, evolved into Fly-By-Night Productions.

For more than two decades audiences have followed FBNP to 14 different locations
including Five Flags’ Main Stage and Bijou Room where FBNP presently resides. In addition FBNP has always operated on funds available and has never incurred debt.

Reaching New Heights

By the end of the 2014/2015 season, FBNP will have accomplished the following and more:


Mounted 128 productions, an average of 4 per year


Performed 15 original productions


Toured 11 productions


Performed in 8 different locations


Held 4 public workshops (directing, lighting, stage managing)


Fulfilled grants for NEA Our Town, City of Dubuque, Iowa Arts Council, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Mediacom, DRA, Humanities Iowa, Iowa State Historical Society, National Bar Association, Iowa Supreme Court and Armstrong’s Department Store, and received operational grant support from the City of Dubuque


Collaborative projects with a variety of partners: City of Dubuque, Dubuque Multicultural Family Center, Dubuque Museum of Art, Loras Players, Old House Enthusiasts’ House Tour, Voices from the Warehouse, Friends of India Association, Dubuque County Historical Society, and Physicians for Social Responsibility


Engaged the services of over 3100 Tri-State volunteers