FBNP Philosophy

FBNP Philosophy

For Fly-By-Night the core of theatre exists in the actor-audience relationship, hence, the Bijou Room at Five Flags Center. The soul of a performance is not the sets nor the lights or costumes or props. The soul of a performance sings through a spark or current that is established between the actor and audience. Theatre is not a physical object. Theatre is an experience, created and shared by all involved, including the audience. The audience is another actor in the play. Even in plays where there is no direct interaction with the audience, the audience must feel included in what is happening. There must be some expectation, some challenge for them. FBNP has built an audience with these expectations.

—Doug Donald, co-founder of and founding artistic director, FBNP

FBNP prefers to work in an ensemble method. The process is the reward, and the integrity of the production takes focus. We respect and approve of each other’s work in order to encourage and foster risk taking and growth in our art.

FBNP’s choice of performance space should enhance and expand what we do. The space should abide by and lend itself to our core relationship with our audience.

FBNP desires to engage the audience in a live experience. We want artists and audience to have expectations of quality productions, to experience unique challenges and to have a place to grow through our art.